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Pepper Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog Teddy Bear - Soft Toy

$45.95    Sold Individually

Dimensions: 35cm

SKU F5-H11

They are also known as Staffies and this handmade puppy will never grow up so you will have a cuddly soft plushie to always cuddle.

Staffies are extremely active, strong, tenacious, robust, courageous, and enthusiastic.  They are also very loyal and quite protective and make the most wonderful family pet and companion and have been nicknamed “The Nanny Dog” because they are known to be so good with children.  They do need to be trained from a very young and kept occupied and exercised regularly, otherwise they can’t stop themselves from becoming a little bit destructive.

Pepper measures 35cm in length from the front paw to the end of the tail, 21cm in width and 18cm in height from the ground to the top of the head.